Solar Project


A clean energy collaboration between Northbound Smokehouse & Brewpub and Forteva Solar.

Northbound has understood that to be successful, you need to be part of the community. With the addition of solar energy by Forteva Solar we have built on this philosophy. From the beginning of construction until the system went live, we had a definite community interest about the project. The social media responses were some of the largest that we’ve had to-date. This interest continues to this day, with customers and neighbors inquiring about the panels. With about an 18% offset of our electrical usage, the solar system is definitely a positive addition to the business.

Solar Fact Sheet
  • (68) 335-Watt Heliene solar panels
    (22.785 Kilowatts)
  • Produces 30 Megawatt Hours per year
  • Offsets about 18% of Northbound's electrical usage
Annual Production Equivalent to:
  • Removing 20,000 Tons of carbon
  • Eliminating 2,072 Gallons of gas
  • Planting 600 Trees
  • Brewing 100,000+ pints of Northbound beer
In total, our solar array has produced energy equivalent to