Northbound Summer Fatbike Ride


Our August bike ride will be a trip down to The River Bottoms on fatbikes/mtbs or whichever kind of bike you like for muddy trail riding. Meet up at Northbound, take The Light Rail down to ride and reconvine here after for beer and food. All of our rides welcome everyone, from amateur to pro. If you’re new to this, here is your opportunity to be led to the unknown. Our friends from Tangletown Bikeshop and Surly Bikes will be along for the ride, just follow their lead, drink beer and have fun.

10am-11am: Registration and raffle. Everyrider 21+ will recieve a free beer and we’ll be raffling off beer and bike stuff.
11am: Departure to LRT
12pm-3pm: Ride The River Bottoms and get muddy. This time frame is not set in stone but a rough estimate.
4pm: Get back on The LRT and head back to Northbound.

What you need:
Identification, helmet, bike lock, tools for the ride but we just recently installed a Fixit Station out front, a bike you can ride on true off-road trails, water, food/snacks, $3.50 for LRT round-trip fare.


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