About Us

Our Story...

We are a full-service restaurant with an on-site craft brewery. We opened in 2012 with the hopes of being a cozy neighborhood bar. The people have responded! We won the City Pages Best Brewpub award in 2013, after only being open for 5 months. We also won the City Pages Best Neighborhood Bar- Minneapolis in 2014. We smoke virtually everything on our menu, from turkey, beef, pork to cheese and eggs! Our beer has received great acclaim for being edgy, full-flavored and overall well executed. If you haven't visited us yet, it's probably time you give us a try! .

General Manager: Amy Johnson

I was lucky to have traveled quite a bit when I was a young. Those experiences are what inspired me to want to work in the hospitality industry. After working in the industry during high school I went the University of Wisconsin – Stout and earned a bachelor degree in Hotel/Restaurant Management in 2005.

While earning my bachelor's degree I studied abroad for a semester in The Netherlands. That experience led me back to Europe to earn my Master's degree in Tourism and Leisure studies. This is where my love for beer was first formed. I traveled all over Europe and sampled some of the finest beers in the world.

Head Chef: Jason Foster

Chef Jason Foster was born in Corsicanna, Texas. He moved over thirty times throughout the central United States by his early twenties. Chef Foster’s cuisine is as motley as his background stitched together by smoke and beer. For him, smoke and beer conjures memories of sitting around a campfire while creating memories with friends and family. Chef Foster strives to bring that sense of intimacy and community of the campfire to the table at this neighborhood brewpub.

Chef Foster began his culinary career preparing food at Restaurant Alma. He attributes his approach in the kitchen to his mentors there. Jason took over the kitchen at Northbound Smokehouse & Brewpub in August of 2013. Chef Foster utilizes this creative outlet to smoke everything his heart desires. Although his approach is often keeping food simple, the flavors that he creates are complex.

“The wood you choose is so important. Not just in the flavor imparted to the food, but it also affects the texture significantly.” Chef Foster doesn’t just utilize the in-house smokers. He also uses beer, components of beer production (wort), and byproducts of beer crafting (spent grain). His approach to the menu is akin to the beer offerings. With three seasonal menus and weekend specials, there is always something new for our guests to savor.

Head Brewer: Jamie Robinson

Like many brewers today, I started on a homebrew kit in 2001. Fast forward to 2007. I had just sold my limo company and I was an Assistant Manager at the award winning Town Hall Brewery. I worked there for three years, learning every aspect of managing a brewpub. In fall 2010, as Town Hall was revving up to open the Town Hall Tap, I attended a Siebel Institute brewing program and stepped into brewery to hone my brewing skills back at Town Hall. Now, I am proud to be part of Northbound Smokehouse & Brewpub.