About Us

Picture of the crew - Left to Right (Bryce, Amy, Jamie)

Left to Right (Bryce, Amy, Jamie)

Northbound Smokehouse & Brewpub is a restaurant with an on-site craft brewery and the first of its kind in Minneapolis in over a decade.  We recently won the "Best Brewpub" award in the City Pages 2013 Best of the Twin Cities issue.

Our concept is a menu of sandwiches and entrees based on our house-smoked meats, with high quality craft beer to match.  The atmosphere is cozy and classy with high ceilings and floor to ceiling windows.  There are 19 bar seats, 56 dining seats and 56 outdoor seats during patio season.  We are comitted to being your neighborhood hang out joint.

BREWER: Jamie Robinson

Like many brewers today, I started on a homebrew kit in 2001. Fast forward to 2007. I had just sold my limo company and I was an Assistant Manager at the award winning Town Hall Brewery. I worked there for three years, learning every aspect of managing a brewpub. In fall 2010, as Town Hall was revving up to open the Town Hall Tap, I attended a Siebel Institute brewing program and stepped into brewery to hone my brewing skills back at Town Hall. Now, I am proud to be part of Northbound Smokehouse & Brewpub.

CHEF: Bryce Strickler

Fire has been used since the dawn of civilization as a means to cook food. Pretty straight forward. Kill an animal, throw it on the fire, and eat. Call it the Neanderthal's Cookbook. As humans evolved, so have our cooking processes. Smoking food soon became a popular preservation method, and people had an effective tool to combat against food spoilage.

When refrigeration came along, smoking meat became an unnecessary step. It might have died out altogether if not for one simple fact: Smoked food tastes good.

Although it was no longer prevalent, the art of smoking has been carried on by its enthusiasts, myself included. Its flavor has often times been imitated but never does justice to the genuine article. Once the first bite of smoked salmon hit my mouth, I was hooked for life. Now I wish to create this experience for you.

At Northbound, we plan on keeping tradition alive. Our food is simple, our goal is clear. Nostalgia with every bite.

MANAGER: Amy Johnson

I was lucky to have traveled quite a bit when I was a young. Those experiences are what inspired me to want to work in the hospitality industry. After working in the industry during high school I went the University of Wisconsin – Stout and earned a bachelor degree in Hotel/Restaurant Management in 2005.

While earning my bachelor's degree I studied abroad for a semester in The Netherlands. That experience led me back to Europe to earn my Master's degree in Tourism and Leisure studies. This is where my love for beer was first formed. Three weeks into my first semester there I took a trip to Belgium, tried some Kriek and a Hoegaarden, and I was hooked.

When I returned from traveling from Europe I worked at Stub and Herb's, one of the premier craft beer bars in the Twin Cities. I was a server and bartender there for nearly three years. With 32 rotating tap lines I was able to try nearly every style of beer from hundreds of breweries throughout the United States. This job helped me develop my passion for craft beer and inspired me to pursue a career serving it.