Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve assembled many of the the questions that we’ve received throughout the last couple of weeks as we’ve been adapting to the current situation.

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Take-Out and Curbside
Yes, take out, delivery, curbside, and indoor seating
No, we are only accepting orders through our online ordering system.
Growlers & Crowlers
A few reasons! First, since COVID-19 hit, our growler sales have gone up 700%. To some, this sounds like a wonderful thing, but in reality, we have found it impossible to keep up with the turnaround time on growlers. We are running out of glass, and FAST. Not only that, but we were spending an insane amount of hours each week just sanitizing growlers. Hours our skeleton staff do not have to spare. and as a restaurant trying to survive after the pandemic, we have to be able to cut down our time wherever we can.
Second, crowlers are not new! Many breweries and brewpubs have started using them, so we are simply joining in the trend. We were going in the crowler direction anyway. The pandemic expedited the process.
Third, we believe the smaller aluminum crowlers allow for our customers more flexibility – they chill faster, they don’t shatter, you can get a larger variety to try rather than commit to 4 full pints, and they will allow us to get more beer out to you, faster!
750ml. (25 oz). Because it’s the law.
No, they are single-use and recyclable! You no longer need to be burdened with returns.
No way. Our crowler program makes it easier to mix and match your favorite beers, and get more of a variety when you bring our beer home.

Yes, you will receive a credit through April 30, 2020. After that, you can recycle them or use them to make lamps.

No. We are completely phasing out the Northbound 64 oz. glass growlers, so we are not going to refill them.

General Questions
Northbound go-ers, if you want to continue to support our restaurant (to help them cover rent and utilities while we significantly cut back on staff and service), then buy gift cards!!! If you want to directly support the handful of people working at the brewpub right now, then order take-out and leave tips! If you want to support ALL service industry people in the future, then support changes to our tip system and support an increased minimum wage with a tip credit. This will support workers as they return and keep the restaurants afloat. This assumes, of course, that restaurants will survive this mandated shut down and restrictions to “takeout” only. Or consider supporting “tip pooling” when things begin to normalize again, so all of the working restaurant employees benefit from your tips — not just one or two people. I hope this pandemic will shed light on restaurants, tipping, and service industry employees so we can have a meaningful discussion about wages and tips to sustain restaurants and ensure ALL restaurant employees (front and back of house) benefit from tips!
No. Minnesota has some old “blue laws” and funky laws related to brewpubs specifically limiting how much beer we can produce and preventing us from distributing our beer. We cannot distribute our beer to other bars and we cannot sell to liquor stores. You can pick up growlers (or crowlers) of our beer if you come visit us, but you will not find us on the liquor store shelves. Contact your local state representative and let them know you want to see brewpub beer at your liquor store! (We want all breweries and brewpubs to be treated equally, so that all can sell on-premises and distribute.) More information can be found at the Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild

We have a catering license, so you can have Northbound food and beer at your event! In addition to food, we can set up our full bar with beer taps, wine, and spirits for your event. Contact us about catering your event.