Year Round

Big Jim

7.2% ABV / 92 IBUs

Cascade, Mt. Hood and an enormous amount of Columbus hops added late in the brew fermenter, give this beer the hop punch IPA lovers crave. There is also a significant malt backbone and complexity to this beer to stand up to the hop intensity. At 7.2% ABV and 92 IBUs, this is a tribute to the style we call the Minnesota IPA.

Light Rail
Pale Ale

5.5% ABV / 45 IBUs

This is a light-bodied, hop-forward pale ale. Copious amounts of Cascade hops late in the brewing process, and another huge dry hop addition in the fermenter will remind craft beer lovers what they love about this style. The intense hop aroma will make you think IPA, but the bitterness is dialed back to showcase the characteristics of this classic hop variety. And at 5.5% ABV, you can enjoy a few of them.

Honey Wheat

5.5% ABV / 25 IBUs

A crisp, lightly hopped American wheat ale brewed with honey from Sorensen’s Honey Farm. Honey added late in the brewing process makes this beer honey-forward. From the aroma to the finish, you will know there is honey in this beer. Enjoy during patio season or as a nice break from the big beers of winter.

Smokehouse Porter

6.2% ABV / 30 IBUs

Heavier on the caramel malt and lighter on the roast malt. 5% of the base malt is smoked in-house for a smoky complexity. This beer will pair well with most of our menu items. And weighing in at 6.2% ABV it can also be your winter warmer.


Block Heater Barley Wine

11.1% ABV / 85 IBUs

To make a good Barley Wine, you need to keep that malt sweetness with flavors of light coffee, citrus and pine. This full bodied beer drinks much easier than the 11.1% would lead you to believe. So is you need something to keep you warm this Minnesota winter, grab a Block Heater to take off that winter’s chill.

Doc Roggen Black Rye IPA

7.0% ABV / 77 IBUs

Roggen means rye in German. This beer uses 3 different kinds of rye malt that make up 21% of the malt bill, which adds a layered complexity of the rye flavors. A robust, medium bodied beer with notes of caramel, spicy rye, chocolate, citrus, tropical fruit and a touch of roasted malt.

Bridge Hanger

8.8% ABV / 22 IBUs

A wonderful Belgian Strong Ale that has a lot going on for it. Aroma is a mix of caramel malt, fruit and spiciness. The flavor of this full bodied beer includes dark fruit, caramel, and a touch of espresso. The high ABV gives a nice alcohol tingle on the finish.


9.7% ABV / 21 IBUs

Another of our once-a-year offerings. Being winter is ‘Big Beer’ season, we make a traditional Doppelbock and really showcase the caramel and toffee flavors. Once it gets below freezing, a small amount of this beer will become our Eisbock which is by far the most allocated beer we make generally selling out in a matter of hours.

2017 Barrel Aged Snownami

8.7% ABV / 37 IBUs

Last year’s Snownami that has been aged in port wine barrels. The 3rd of our annual Snow Series is the Snownami, Double Chocolate Raspberry Stout.  Winner Silver Medal 2014 World Beer Cup (World Beer Cup is every 2 years and the only international beer competition).  This year we toasted the cocoa nibs for a deeper chocolate flavor and aroma. . We start with a solid 8.7% ABV stout and infuse it, post fermentation, with chocolate, cocoa nibs and raspberries.  Yielding about 5.5 bbl, we used 20 pounds of whole raspberries, 9pounds of toasted cocoa nibs, 11 pounds of premium Belgian chocolate. Aging brings the sharp, tart raspberry flavors to the front of the palate and mellows the chocolate. The port wine has the oak barrel flavor on the front with the wine coming mid to late.


Altered State

5.6% ABV / 50 IBUs

We start with a traditional German Altbier, using Kolsch yeast and Munich malt. Since we are a hop loving brewpub, we go the non-traditional Altbier route and add plenty of hops, almost creating and American IPA. The malt imparts a toast and baked bread flavor while the hops give a spicy layer surrounded by the herbal and floral notes.

Wild Card

7.6% ABV / 55 IBUs

An American Strong Ale that we brew every year around the time of our employee party and is ‘renamed’ after the person who we deem worth of the title ‘Wild Card’. This beer has fruity esters and has great earthy, yet floral, characteristics. Flavors include light brown sugar, dark fruit and a touch of wood for this wonderful medium bodied beer.

Apex Pale Ale

5.5% ABV / 40 IBUs

The malt is a bit buried by the hops but showcases the bready, caramel, and honey notes. Hops are the star of the show here. A generous amount of Summit hops were used and dry hopped with Mosaics hosp. Big notes of tangerine, grapefruit, tropical fruit, citrus, a touch of pine dominate.





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Join us every Tuesday for our Infusion Tuesday series. Each week we are infusing a one off keg to allow the brewer’s more creativity. Past Infusion Tuesday beers have been S’mores Porter, Peace Coffee Yeti Cold Press Porter and Grapefruit Ginger Light Rail Pale Ale. We post all Infusion Tuesday beers on our Facebook and Twitter pages…. or feel free to call the bar to inquire!