Year Round


Good News Lager

4.4% ABV / 12 IBUs

This is our head brewer/owner’s interpretation of the perfect American Style Lager. This goes back to the original roots of the style, when it deviated from the Czech Lagers that were being produced. This uses 13% rice (where the Essential Light uses 13% corn) to add more simple sugars without adding more protein and color. We then add a traditional German hop, Hallertauer Mittelfruh, which is complex but approachable. What you get is a mixture of sweet, herbal and earthy with tones of cut grass, dried flowers, and sweet spices while being very light, dry and crisp.

SOLD OUT – Maibock

7.0% ABV / 26 IBUs

Maibocks are all about showcasing premium light and bready malts and just enough hop flavor and aroma to balance the malt sweetness.  This Maibock was brewed in January to give it the traditional 3 months lagering time.  The result is a clean, balanced, malty spring lager.


Sunday Growler sales are here!

We are phasing out the 64oz glass growlers and moving to the 750mL aluminum twist top Crowler cans.

  • 750mL Aluminum Crowlers can $7.50
  • High ABV beers may have an additional charge.

Please note there is no return value for aluminum crowlers. Please recycle them. If you don’t have recycling in your neighborhood, please return and we will be happy to recycle them for you.


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